We strive to make root canal treatment as comfortable as possible; we endeavour to utilize technology that is in our patient's best interest.  We accept assignment of insurance benefits to make treatment more accessible.  We pride ourselves on being approachable and work hard to maintain our reputation in the dental community.

We maintain membership in the following professional organizations:

Alberta Dental Association and College

Alberta Society of Dental Specialists

Royal College of Dentists of Canada 

Canadian Dental Association



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dr. eric kwan
dr. robyn reiter


Dr. Eric Kwan spent his childhood in Hong Kong, moving to Canada as a teen.  Dentistry captured his attention and he pursued his dream as a dentist with devotion.

He attended the University of Alberta where he graduated from dental school.  After practicing in Calgary as a general dentist, he moved to Boston to specialize in endodontics.  Following his training under Dr. Herb Schilder, widely considered the father of endodontics, he returned to Edmonton in 1991, where he has practiced endodontics since that time.  He has been an associate professor at the University of Alberta dental school for over 25 years.

His passions outside of dentistry include watching a captivating movie with his wife and two sons, listening to classical music, and travel.  He is also an avid golfer.

Dr. Robyn Reiter spent his formative years in Edmonton where he was exposed to dentistry at an early age from his mom who worked as a dental assistant.  The art and intricacy of the dental field captured his attention for life.

He studied dentistry at the University of Alberta and then joined a group practice in general dentistry in Edmonton where he worked for 3 years.  His studies continued for 3 years at Boston University to give him the credentials to practice as a root canal specialist.  Following his training there, he returned home to Edmonton where he has practiced for the past 14 years.  During that time, he has also been an associate professor in the Department of Endodontics at the University of Alberta, where he teaches student dentists the science and art of performing root canal therapy.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids biking, skiing and reading around the wood stove in winter.



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